“Improving with popular music.Never the same.Cutting edge & uncensored.RAHJ & the Mash is a serious music lovers place to be ” The crowd goes on the ride thru 4 decades of music from R&B – Hip Hop – Rock – Jazz – Reggae – House – Funk – their own remixes of music you’ve grown up with.
From 1 hit wonders to classics.

This has been said is 1 of the best live bands in New York.Been happening years & it’s never been the same.Entertaining people from around the world & keeping it on the cutting edge.The musicians are some of the best in the world.Music lovers place to be.Mixing things up.

Here's a few reviews & thoughts of feedback from a few fans:

“1 of the best performances in the city, I’ve told you once & I’ll tell you again,anyone who can sing a Billy Joel song & transition it into a Notorious B.I.G. song & transition that into a U2 song is HOT!”

“If you haven’t experienced RAHJ & The MASH then your not a real New Yorker.He’s on the top of my “Only in New York” list & you should add him to yours.

His band is full of people who have played with the best in the business & don’t even get me started on his dancing” Jenny Saldana of the HARLEM TIMES news 1/29/04


I missed you at the Groove and the CRASH was my first time! I was blessed to have had a taste of your show at the 5 Spot in Brooklyn. Let me say you took me on a ride that I will not soon forget. Your vocal acrobats and hurdles over decades of music genre took me and the rest of your audience to new heights. And best of all you sang country…and man after my own heart. I thought I was the last person to love country music in NY until I saw and entire room sing along with you as you reinvented the country Wheel! What don’t you sing?
LISTEN If you did not know about this MAN & this band “you should”. Living personification of all that is RIGHT in music. ~Stacy